As the American people are pushed to the limit in this crisis our political leaders continue to fiddle while Rome burns. Senate Republican’s want to earmark billions for corporations and peanuts for the citizens. Remember the great middle class tax break you and I were promised and didn’t receive. Corporations bought back there own stocks and pocked trillions. Well republicans are at it again we must subsidize the billionaires least they lose their shirts. You and I will lose everything we own,you say I agree with the businesses because I’m a republican I say you are a fool. The people don’t seem to matter somewhere I read, of the people by the people and for the people ?

This morning on the “Earl Ingram Show” we will be joined by SDC’S George Hinton we will be discussing what you can do to protect you and you’re family.

Hour 2. Brings Roger Quindel as we discuss Trump’s handling of this crisis.

Hour 3. Brings Ted Kraig as we talk about the climate and education during this time of crisis. 

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